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 Starting Out: Toby Smith

More photographs from our interview with Toby Smith, who uses extremely long exposures at night with 5x4 cameras to capture the unseen auras of industrial structures.

Pier © Toby Smith - Shot on the night of 2nd February during heavy snowfall, this haunting image of snow on Brighton's derelict, and of course very much previously photographed, West Pier, appeared as the double page spread in The Guardian newspaper Friday 6th February and again across two pages in The Sunday Times 8th February 2009. Full interview with Toby Smith in February/March F2 Freelance Photographer

Lime Factory © Toby Smith

Light After Dark - Eggborough © Toby Smith

Turbines © Toby Smith

Bunker 5001 - Control Room © Toby Smith

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Full interview with Toby Smith in February/March 2009 F2 Freelance Photographer

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