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Our Technical Section has nationally respected tech writers review equipment and software built with the working pro in mind


Featured camera review: Canon EOS 5D Mklll

From August/September 2012 (Vol 6 No 6)


Adam Woolfitt looks at the latest release from Canon, the long awaited successor to its groundbreaking EOS 5D Mkll - the 5D Mklll, a full frame 22.3MP DSLR with 61 point autofocus and 6fps continuous shooting.

Featured lens review: Tilt and Shift Lenses

From October 2012 (Vol 6 No 7)



Adam Woolfitt looks at the latest tilt and shift lenses for Nikon and Canon DSLRs.

Featured lights review: Elinchrom's latest upgrade

From May 2012 (Vol 6 No 4)


Richard Kilpatrick checks out the latest upgrade to Elinchrom's Ranger Quadra system of portable flash - the RX - and finds that the additional weight and bulk of traditional packs is becoming harder to justify.

Featured software review: Adobe Lightroom 4 & Photoshop CS6: Public Beta Versions

From July 2012 (Vol 6 No 5)




Adam Woolfitt discusses the upgrades, and describes some useful new tools.

Featured accessory review: Cambo X2 Pro: A Universal Studio Solution?

From April 2012 (Vol 6 No 3)



Adam Woolfitt puts the Cambo X2 Pro to the test