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19 December

Foto8 Seminar: Practising New Documentary

Foto8 (www.foto8.com) is running a seminar on Practising New Documentary: a look into the realm of new documentary practise through the work of three renowned photographers and one industry professional, on 28 January at HOST Gallery 1 Honduras Street London EC1Y 0TH

The seminar is strictly limited to 30 people and will feature four speakers – Polly Braden, Raphael Dallaporta, Geert van Kesteren (with the fourth to be announced) – examining the nature of witnessing, the challenges and opportunities in bringing documentary work into the gallery realm and notions of authorship vs the story. Participants will also be given the opportunity to show and speak about their own work and receive feedback from the speakers.

Opportunity for students
  Four spaces on this seminar are available at the half price rate of £70.00 for current students, sponsored by Blurb. This is available to the first four students to book by ringing Foto8 on +44 (0)20 7253 8801. For further information click here

14 December

New Calumet Workshops for 2012

Calumet, in association with Epson Print Academy and photography workshop and training specialist, aspect2i, has launched a new series of workshops at key branches through 2012. The one day courses, which will include capture, post processing and print techniques, start at Calumet’s flagship Drummond Street, Euston branch on March 2 with ‘The perfect black and white print; with Paul Gallagher` and are priced at £85 for the day, including VAT, lunch and refreshments. More information from www.calumetphoto.co.uk

12 December


Volume 5 Issue 10 hit the newsstands this week. This month we talk newborn photography with Bubbaloo, a company that started life on Facebook. When Gary and Hermione Oakley started posting photos of their new son, their friends’ enthusiastic response convinced them they had the talent to become professional. Two years down the line their decision to start their own business has paid off, and they now have a busy studio and dedicated client base in Manchester. Check out Bubbaloo in the new issue. http://bubbaloophotography.com

21 November

Quantum Open Day at TFC London, on 30th November

Our friends at The Flash Centre London are running a Quantum Open day in their London branch in conjunction with Hardy Haase of Flaghead Photographic, UK & Ireland distributor for Quantum products. The full range of Quantum batteries, flash and radio triggers will be on show with product demos, expert advise & special offers. You can take your own cameras & speedlites to test out the gear. TFC, are offering 10% off Quantum items purchased on the day and there is also currently a cashback deal on certain quantum products.

The event runs 10am till 5pm, with refreshments provided, at The Flash Centre, 68 The Brunswick Centre, London WC1N 1AE Closest Tube - Russell Square For more information call them on 020-7837-5649 or email sales@theflashcentre.co.uk

8 November

Matt Greenslade

New York City based editorial, corporate and architectural photographer Matt Greenslade, featured in our very first issue back in 2006 soon after he boarded the plane for NYC clutching a crisp new Green Card, has launched a new web site. New York appears be the right environment for someone of Mr Greenslade's very determined work ethic and he's very much made things work in the USA. To see his new web site please visit http://www.photo-nyc.com/ - we will be doing a catch-up with him in f2 Freelance over the coming months

7 November

Ed Clark

Pakistan presently remains something of a no-go area for British Journalists and photographers. Not however if you happen to be Edmund Clark, who has been in Pakistan filming a Jirga or council of tribal elders protesting about civilian casualties caused by American drone strikes in Waziristan. He was also invited to take part in workshops with Pakistani and British artists in Islamabad and Lahore and to talk to students at the Beaconhouse National University. www.edmundclark.com  

30 October

Albert Watson: Benin bound and a new show in Hamburg

Albert Watson is off to Benin at the end of the year to take pictures for the Cotton Made in Africa Initiative for the Aid by Trade Foundation. The photographs will be help promote the Cotton Made in Africa project, and they will also be featured in Albert's upcoming show at the Deichtorhallen Museum in Hamburg.

26 October

Tim Flach: More Than Human

We caught up briefly with Tim Flach last week who is now in America shooting for his forthcoming book ‘More Than Human’. Since his last F2 interview he has had great success with his books Equus (Abrams, 2008) and last year Dogs Gods (Abrams) and is now working on a major new book project "More than Human". The book continues his mission to challenge the viewer by bringing them into unnatural proximity to his animal subjects, encouraging both discussion and fascination. ‘More Than Human’ touches on a variety of subjects that discuss how we perceive animals in contemporary culture and, as you would expect from Flach, also brings attention to more controversial subjects including transgenics. At the moment for example he is in the USA shooting, amongst other things, Tigons, Ligers, and the Spider Goat: a product of transgenic technology that produces raw silk proteins in its milk which can be turned into a product called BioSteel. F2 Freelance will be running a catch up interview with Tim Flach in the near future  www.timflach.com

11 October

Steve Jobs obituary portrait

Since the sad passing of Steve Jobs last week, we've been wondering who shot the black and white portrait? It could only have been one of a few and turns out to be Albert Watson - very much one of the "usual suspects" who spring to mind when you consider so many of the great portraits of the past forty years. Watson's photograph of Jobs, originally made in 2008 and said to be Jobs' favourite, has of course gone stratospheric: being transmitted on every visual medium across the globe in the space of twenty-four hours. It would be fascinating to see the statistics but the only other obituary portraits that spring to mind for going so far, so fast, would be those of the late Diana Princess of Wales, and in her case it was multiple pictures rather than the single iconic image under discussion here.

6 October

Jason and the movies

Stills photographers shooting movies continues to be a "Should I? Shouldn't I?"  for very many stills shooters. And all the while those already aboard the train get further ahead. Jason Bell for example happily states he's primarily a stills photographer and had considerable doubts when his agent first suggested that he ought to start shooting moving footage. He did however make the leap and the short films get increasingly sumptuous. His latest, "Courtney in Wonderland" featuring Courtney Love, can be found on the front page of the Vanity Fair web site vf.com - to see the movie click here Also check out Jason's own site for his shoot of the cast of the new movie War Horse, also shot for Vanity Fair

26 September

MicroMuff Update

For anyone not yet aware: MicroMuff was invented recently by our tech writer and web guru Will Hutchinson and thanks to that fine distribution company JP Distribution is now available to increasing numbers of places across the globe as an economic and entirely effective way of reducing wind noise on integral DLSR microphones - but the journey of MicroMuff is becoming the stuff of legend! It's presently cycling down the coast of California in aid of Leukaemia as somehow Will has become a sponsor of the Firelflies... Watch this space for the continuing journey of Will's Muff - or get one of your own (and reduce noise from your built in mike!) at your local camera shop www.micromuff.com

23 September

Katherine-Marie Pagé profile now in Turning Pro section

We've just loaded another photographer profile into the Turning Pro Section. Paris based photographer Katherine-Marie Pagé left her career as a lawyer to pursue a career in photography - check out her profle by clicking here or go to the Turning Pro button on the Profiles page

22 September

Nikon 1 system unveils a whole new way of shooting

News wires are abuzz with Nikon’s launch of two ground-breaking cameras – the V1 and J1. A full product review will of course appear in the magazine as soon as Richard Kilpatrick has been allowed time to try them out; but the early news is that Nikon's in no doubt at all it's onto a very major change in the way people take pictures. The company is working hard, and fast, to build this potentially large system. Here at f2 Freelance, as you would expect, we're pondering the implications for the self-employed professional, and one of the first things that comes to mind is the new Motion Snapshot mode where a short moving sequence freezes into a still image. Thinking about this it seems, as everything continues to move onto the web, there may be considerable applications for this in both press and advertising. Wedding and social photographers may also find opportunities here.

Nikon marketing supremo Jeremy Gilbert, by contrast, said at the launch that his favourite mode is the Smart Photo Selector. Using pre and post capture technology to start recording images before the shutter button is fully depressed and continuing after it’s released, SPS actually takes 20 images at click of a button, saves what it judges to be the best five shots and then goes on to suggest the pick of the bunch. Gilbert said in an aside that he's been trying to catch it out for weeks and hasn't managed it yet.

Backwards compatibility has always been of paramount importance for Nikon, and we're pleased to note this concern continues with the new system. Included in its opening range of accessories is an FT-1 mount adaptor, which allows the use of any NIKKOR D-SLR lens with its latest cameras.

For more information check out www.nikon.co.uk and look out for Richard Kilpatrick's in-depth review soon in f2 Freelance Photographer.

15 September

Publishing Your Book - feature now available online in The Business Section

Every photographer would love to get a book publisher interested in their work, but very few manage to make this aspiration a reality. f2 Freelance publisher Simon James has two books to his name and contends that the way in which you pitch to the publisher is almost as important as the book idea itself. We've just made this feature freely available online in our busiess section Check it out by clicking this link or via the Business button above.

13 September

Web Services: Pick the Best

How do you go about creating a stunning online portfolio? By reading F2’s guide to the best web service providers, of course! In the latest issue, we look at companies which specialise in web and app design for photographers. Using HTML5 software to ensure it works on all platforms from desktop PCs to iPads, one such company is Digital Photo Gallery, run by music photographer Andrew Kendall. Its software management system has attracted thousands of individual users, as well as major clients such as Download Festival. Read more in the magazine.

7 September

f2 Freelance Photographer Vol5 No7

In the new issue, as well as the majors, we feature a Birmingham based business we heard about two years before its actual launch. David Boynton and Luke Small decided where they were going at the end of their first year at university and worked steadily towards a launch of their business at the completion of their degrees. Suffice to say that even then the first year was a steep learning curve, but in this incredibly difficult economic climate they have applied themselves determinedly and are seeing real results - check out the feature in the magazine

2 July

Arles 2011

The first week in July is here again: the one week in the year when a large section of the photography world descends upon a small town in Provence for Les Rencontres D'Arles festival. Arles exhibitions go on most of the summer: a guide to the event in English can be accessed at www.rencontres-arles.com and as ever there is an awful lot going on. Publisher Simon James and Editor David Land will again be taking part in Arles Photo Folio Review and for 2011 the line up also includes top London photographer's agents Guy Harrington, from Soho Management, and Alyson Jones.

12 May


The JUNE issue of f2 FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHER will feature the Moving to London Graduate Guide - a real resource for all of you about to graduate and wondering how to take the big step and move to London - Lead feature f2 Profile talks to star music and celebrity portraitist DEAN CHALKLEY who has recently shot Harry Potter movie star Clemence Posey fro the Observer magazine The June issue will be in WH SMITHS in the first week in June

1 May

f2 Freelance soon available to buy in USA, Canada & Australia

Don't forget to check out your local specialist magazine store in Canada, Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand as f2 Freelance is now available overseas

22 March

Nikole Ramsay

Long time friend of f2 Freelance Nikole Ramsay has returned home to Victoria Australia after setting up a thriving career in London. Her new business in Australia is under her married name and you might like to check out her new web site http://www.nikolefurnari.com/ Nikole has just done another cook book for Penguin and remains very much one to watch. We wish Nikole and her photographer husband Jason www.jasonfurnari.com every good wish on their return home!

9 March

Drew Gardner lighting downloads

f2 Profile for the March issue f2 Freelance will be Drew Gardner - Drew has just launched a series of "five dollar downloads" detailing how some of his more well known advertising shots were accomplished which can be purchased from his web site www.drew.it There is also a free taster download of Drew talking about his Alice in Wonderland shot which you can view free of charge at Behind the Photos "Alice in Wonderland"

25 January

Hetherington nominated for Oscar

Multi award-winning British photojournalist Tim Hetherington's feature length Afghanistan film, Restrepo, was this morning nominated for this year's Oscar for Best Documentary feature, by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles. Restrepo, by Hetherington and journalist/author Sebastian Junger, depicts the lives of U.S. troops, under repeated attack in a remote 15 man outpost, in Afghanistan's the Korengal Valley. The film was also winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival and was named in memory of the platoon medic who was killed in action while it was being made. For more information on the film www.restrepothemovie.com

21 January

Zed Nelson at Impressions Gallery Bradford

Impressions Gallery Bradford is showing the work of top London based freelance Zed Nelson from 4 March to 29 May. Nelson's exhibition Love Me reflects on the cultural and commercial forces that drive a world obsession with youth and beauty. More information from Impressions Gallery

12 January

Griffin signs on with Michael Hoppen
Congratulations to, long time friend of f2 Freelance, Brian Griffin, both on his very succesful show The Black Country, which soon moves to The New Art Gallery Walsall where it will be on show 8 April - 19 June, and for the fact he has recently signed for print sales on with the prestigious Michael Hoppen Gallery www.michaelhoppengallery.com


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