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In The Business section f2 looks at the nuts and bolts of being in business: marketing, websites, tax, insurance, agency representation, business cards, book publishing, portfolios, relevant hardware and software and many other issues crucial to the working life of the professional and semi-pro.

Moving to London:

Graduate guide

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Victoria Tennant talks to established freelance Dean Chalkley and newcomer Daniel Lilley about their moves to London, as well as offering advice to those considering taking the plunge

Buy it or Hire it?

Maximise your resources

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Why risk financial strife buying the latest kit, when you can rent it by the job and cover the cost in your client quote? Gavin Stoker meets photographers doing just that, to discover that hiring, rather than buying, is an increasingly adopted business model for high end kit


Be Distinctive

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When it comes to selling imagery, it’s crucial to seek out less tried and tested presentation strategies to give your business the edge. Gavin Stoker explores what’s available

Pro Associations:

Which one's for you?

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Gavin Stoker explores how joining a recognised and respected photographic association can provide you with career validation, support from your peers and, moreover, jobs and commissions

The Big Sell:

Boost Your Print Sales

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Gavin Stoker explores routes to maximising print sales revenue for social and events photographers, investigating printing on site via dye sub, and lab-based alternatives

Big and Corporate or Small and Boutique

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Size isn’t everything, but if you want to get established quickly or bag that well-heeled clientele, then marketing yourself cleverly to appear a bigger fish than you really are can have business benefits, as Gavin Stoker learns from successful freelances

Work Smarter, Not Harder
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It can pay to be clever in how you operate as a freelance in these straitened times. Gavin Stoker explores solutions for minimising daily grind and maximising turnover

Web Services:

Pick the best

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In these times of straitened budgets, it is arguable that marketing is more important than ever to the freelance photographer. Miranda Gavin looks at what's on offer from web service providers in the way of site building and hosting, and talks to photographers and others about the place of the iPad in the panopoly of sales and marketing strategies available to today's freelance


Make sure that you are properly covered for the work you do

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Insurance is the expense that cash strapped freelances frequently skimp on, and very many find themselves regretting the decision. Here Nik Stewert discusses three different types of insurance that you really should think about investing in before embarking on any paid work as a freelance:

    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Wedding Insurance

How To Get Published:

Getting a photography book published is all about organisation

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Almost all keen freelances secretly think their work would look good published in book form. Only a small number ever accomplish this ambition however, the irony being that the failure is often more about the manner in which the attempt is made than the publishing concept or image quality. Simon James looks at how to go about getting your book published



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